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Leipzig-Jakarta list


Leipzig-Jakarta List
Rank Meaning Leipzig-Jakarta
1 fire
2 nose
3 to go
4 water
5 mouth
6 tongue
7 blood
8 bone
9 2sg pronoun
10 root
11 to come (move)
12 breast
13 rain
14 1sg pronoun
15 name
16 louse/Phthirapteron
17 wing
18 flesh/meat
19 arm/hand
20 fly (insect)/Dipteron
21 niğt (time of day)
22 ear
23 neck
24 far (prep.)
25 to do/make
26 house/structure
27 stone/rock (singular object)
28 bitter
29 to say
30 tooth
31 hair
32 big
33 one (number)
34 who?
35 3sg pronoun
36 to hit/beat
37 leg/foot
38 horn
39 this (pron.)
40 fish
41 yesterday
42 to drink
43 black (color)
44 navel
45 to stand
46 to bite
47 back (body-part)
48 wind
49 smoke (substance)
50 what?
51 child (kin term)
52 egg
53 to give
54 new (adj.)
55 to burn (intr.)
56 not (adj./adv.)
57 good
58 to know
59 knee
60 sand
61 to lauğf
62 to hear
63 soil
64 leaf
65 red (color)
66 liver (body-part)
67 to hide
68 skin/hide
69 to suck
70 to carry
71 ant/Formid
72 heavy
73 to take
74 old
75 to eat
76 thiğ
77 thick
78 long (spacially)
79 to blow
80 wood
81 to run
82 to fall
83 eye (body-part)
84 ash
85 tail
86 dog
87 to cry/weep
88 to tie
89 to see
90 sweet
91 rope
92 shade/shadow
93 bird
94 salt
95 small
96 wide
97 star
97 in
99 hard (materially)
100 to crush/grind