Literature:Lovebirds' Song/Cwengâr

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Cwengâr English

Negw lho cwe shŷc'hâmonaff nâr,
Cwec'hŷrh lho hatâr ngec'hŷraff,
Cwec'hŷrh lho c'harhôn sogwôran,
Tepâle rynŷnaff ffa hashâff
Fegw cwemar tegw nug'hôn,
cwâ cwemacwen c'han.
ô negw fôffan
Tepâle rynŷnaff ffa hashâff
Pon Temerhôlh C'hetŷl,
Cwâm lho henâm hâtaff.

He drifts over dreaming lands,
He sings songs of stillness
He sings songs of dying oak,
Fly Lovers with [the] Birds
[The] gentle prick of forst comes
in freezing water
and drifting time,
Fly Lovers with [the] Birds
For Silent Cwetŷl,
He knows what is hidden.